Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork

Sharon Wheeler Rolfing


Restore Therapy is one of just two UK providers approved to offer training in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork. Sharon Wheeler has spent a lifetime working with scar tissue and continues to innovate new techniques to improve scars. Sharon is from Seattle, USA and trained with the founder of a popular therapy called Rolfing – also known as Structural Integration -Ida Rolf. Sharon Wheeler’s original approach is delivered without tools, oils or creams. Easy for the therapist, these light touch techniques do not strain the hands and are not painful for the patient.

ScarWork treatment is used to improve the health and feel of scars from surgery or accidents. After treatment, clients often comment their scars feel softer, mobility has improved and they feel less pain. Improvement after treatment seems to be lasting and even single sessions can be helpful. Generally a series of treatments is most effective, delivered as part of a physical therapy and rehabilitation program, so this is a perfect addition for most physical therapists to help clients who have undergone surgery or have been involved in an accident.

Research is ongoing into the changes that occur physiologically after ScarWork treatment, ultrasound images have shown improvement to the fascial tissue after treatment, and further investigation is needed to consolidate the evidence and theories. Like many physical therapies, research funding is limited as profitability for investors is minimal. Scar massage, which could be considered similar to ScarWork has had some very positive research and many surgeons recommend self-massage for patients as beneficial for the recovery of the scar tissue.

Before and After Examples of Treatment