Private and In-House Training

British Athletics ScarWork Training

Training in ScarWork is available to meet the needs for groups wishing to have in-house training. This can be a cost effective solution for hospital physiotherapy departments, therapy centres or clinics.

All private training is tailored to suit the needs of the practitioners attending, from hand physiotherapists wanting a course in ScarWork tailored to enhance their choices when working with hand scars, or within elite sports, therapists looking to apply ScarWork to help speed up recovery and return to exercise for their team after common keyhole and open surgeries.

Private training is also available for individuals. Both 1:1 and 1:2 private workshops are available in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. If time constraints make the group courses difficult to attend, or for those wanting to enhance their knowledge and practical skills within a certain sector, either pre or post qualification workshops can be delivered.

Contact Emma Holly at Restore Therapy to develop a training program to suit you.

In-house training is usually delivered onsite in a room with sufficient space and plinths/therapy tables for the practical sessions.

Individual 1:1 and 1:2 private workshops are delivered at Restore Therapy Clinic in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

Private training is tailored to suit the needs of the attendees. When you make a training request, you will be asked questions to determine the needs of the individuals attending, and any area of specialism within which you will need to apply your skills. Advice will be given as to the time needed to meet the requirements outlined, and areas of most importance will be clarified. The training will then be designed to meet these needs.

A typical in-house training session for a group of therapists working within oncology may be a full day workshop covering the 6 basic ScarWork techniques and their application for oncology patients. A private training session for a certified ScarWork therapist specialising in joint replacement may be a 4 hour workshop looking at developing their practitioner skills in application of ScarWork after knee and hip replacement surgery. Every effort is made to ensure the participants have useable and translatable ScarWork skills to take home to enhance their clinical practice.

In-house training is offered to a maximum group of 10 attendees, to allow sufficient time for the participants to have their skills and techniques developed and assessed within the timeframe allocated.

Private workshops are offered at Restore Therapy Clinic in Harpenden, Hertfordshire to single or pairs of therapists allowing very focused skills development for those participants.

Costs vary depending on the location and duration of the training requirements. In-house training is often a more cost-effective way to train a group of therapists than the same number of individuals making single course bookings and associated travel costs. Submit a training enquiry today for a no obligation quote.

Training at Restore Therapy Clinic in Harpenden costs are detailed below, there are options for one to one training or for you and a friend/or colleague to learn together for a cost effective but highly flexible and tailored workshop or course.

Half Day Bespoke Private Workshop (1:1 tutor and attendee) £350 inc VAT
Half Day Semi-Private Bespoke Workshop (1:2 tutor and two attendees) £450 inc VAT (£225 per person)
Total Time: 4.5 hours

Full Day Bespoke Private Workshop (1:1 tutor and attendee) £550 inc VAT
Full Day Semi-Private Bespoke Workshop (1:2 tutor and two attendees) £800 inc VAT
Total Time: 8 hours including lunch and breaks

Semi-Private ScarWork Certification Course 1:2
Delivered over 3 days to suit your schedule
£1900 (Costs: £950 inc VAT per person)
Total Time: 24 hours

These bespoke options allow you to bring additional skills, knowledge and confidence to your practice that meets your area of speciality when you organise a tailored private or semi-private workshop.