ScarWork Therapist Certification (Non-Consecutive Course 24/1/19-25/1/19 & 28/2/19-1/3/19)

Non-consecutive ScarWork Certification Course for professional therapists. Learn skills to promote health and recovery for scars, adhesions, fibrosis and the surrounding fascia. Running over 2 x 2 days on: Thursday 24th – Friday 25th January, followed by Thursday 28th February – Friday 1st March.

Comprehensive training in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork, covering 20 original ScarWork techniques and their application to help improve scars and the surrounding tissues after surgery or accidents. Extensive skill development sessions, including multiple sessions working with external ‘volunteer models’. Attendees will complete the training having gained confidence and understanding in the application of these simple but effective techniques. At the end of this training you will be certified as a ScarWork Therapist and listed on the UK register.

This course is divided into two sections, to allow time for attendee’s to develop and practice their skills. On day 1 & 2 we will cover the majority of the theory and the 20 techniques. Attendee’s can then practice these skills before returning to reflect on their experiences and answer any queries that may have arisen. On day’s 3 & 4 we will recap the techniques in a paired session. This is followed by extensive clinical supervised sessions with external ‘volunteer models’ to further refine their ScarWork skills for the attendee’s and understand how to adapt them for each client.

We will have group discussions to consider different approaches and alternative treatment plans. Non-intensive learning is considered a quality approach as attendees should be able to absorb more information and have longer to develop their skills than intensive courses.

Summary of learning:

  • – Palpitation and scar assessment skills
  • – 20 original Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork techniques, designed to promote health in scar tissue, adhesions, fibrosis and the surrounding fascia
  • – Clinical ScarWork practice: 8 hours of supervised sessions with external ‘volunteer models’ on a variety of scar types and presentations
  • – Scar healing timelines
  • – Different presentations of scars including keloid, hypertrophic and contracture scars and considerations for therapy
  • – Physical restrictions caused by scars: Understanding of surgical scar tissue and the lasting impact on fascia, movement and mobility
  • – Common complications after surgery and the impact on healing
  • – Sharon Wheeler and the development of ScarWork
  • – Contraindications to ScarWork
  • – Emotional impact scars and the benefits of therapeutic touch
  • – Supporting your clients recovery and signposting
  • – Scars, adhesions, fibrosis and fascia
  • – Wider considerations for treatment
  • – How often and for how long? Developing ideas for treatment planning and scheduling within your therapy clinic
  • – Client consultations and record keeping


The course is highly practical, attendees begin with paired practice and advance to external client sessions, where a variety of volunteer models attend. Attendees will have extensive opportunities to develop their practical skills in the correct pressure and delivery of the ScarWork techniques on a variety of scars from new to old scars and larger surgeries to keyhole procedures*.

Volunteer models attend for treatment in the clinic sessions, so each attendee usually completes the course having had the opportunity to trial techniques on scars such as spinal surgery, c-section, hysterectomy, appendectomy, cancer surgeries, accidents such as pinned and plates in fractured bones, burns and many more*.

At the end of the course attendees may choose to attend an advanced ScarWork course.

This is a professional development or CPD course for qualified therapists. All participants must have insurance to offer whole body treatment in their therapeutic background, a qualification including anatomy and physiology and at least one year’s experience in body therapy to participate on this course. No previous knowledge of ScarWork or working with scars is required.

Maximum 14 attendees

*where permitting, the selection of scars for clinical practice sessions will vary, depending on the volunteer models attending.

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Start Time

10:00 am

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Finish Time

5:30 pm

Friday, March 1, 2019


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