Introduction to ScarWork

Introduction to ScarWork workshop

For the first time at the NHS Natural Health School, in Harrogate: A one day introductory workshop for qualified therapists to discover a new approach for treating scars, fibrosis and adhesions. Try some simple new techniques to help encourage further healing in this one day highly practical course. Releasing or improving the tension around a scar, or improving the fibrosis and connective tissue health may be the key to your clients recovery.

Attendees will finish the day having discovered 6 simple ScarWork™ techniques and have an understanding of their application for a variety of surgical scars. ScarWork™ is gentle, so minimal strain is put on the therapist. Unlike some scar massage approaches, the client should also find treatment easily within their comfort levels.

Course Covers:

  •  6 Simple ScarWork™ techniques, designed to promote healthy scar tissue and help reduce adhesions and fibrosis
  •  Clinical supervised practical session with members of the public and a variety of scars
  •  Scar healing timelines
  •  Brief introduction to scars from surgery and the lasting impact on fascia, movement and mobility
  •  Introduction to Sharon Wheeler and the development of ScarWork™
  •  Contraindications to ScarWork™

This practical workshop is designed to introduce simple, easy to apply techniques for patients after surgery. Theory sessions will include the concepts of scar healing, connective tissue, adhesions and fibrosis.

Pre-course reading is issued before attendance. The day starts with covering basic theory including contraindications and treatment principles. This is followed by a demonstration and paired practice to complete the morning session. In the afternoon, the skills are then transferred to a clinical session with external ‘volunteer models’ for consolidation of the techniques, on clients with a variety of scars from surgery.

For those new to scars and scar management techniques, further training is recommended.  At the end of the course attendees may choose to attend the full ScarWork certification course and become a ScarWork therapist.

Please note: Attendees are only permitted to promote themselves as a ScarWork™ therapist after completion of the full ScarWork Therapist Certification course.

Maximum 10 attendees. All attendees must be qualified and insured professional therapists with at least one years experience in their field. This can include anyone qualified in physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractors, Rolfing, Bowen etc.

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Payment:£145 (inc VAT)
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Start Time

9:30 am

March 25, 2020

Finish Time

5:30 pm

March 25, 2020


Natural Health School, The Golf Observatory, Rudding Park, Follifoot Harrogate, HG3 1JH