About Volunteer Models


Volunteers are always needed to come along to training courses and receive free treatment. Scars of all sizes and ages are helpful for the participants, and a wonderful way to see the benefits of treatment. It’s never too late-even scars decades old can feel better.

If you are a therapist with a scar, and are unsure how beneficial or effective the treatments will be for your clients, come along as a volunteer. This allows you to experience how scars, such as c-section, appendectomy or keyhole procedures may respond to treatment – even if you think they are not causing an issue. It will then give an appreciation of how these new skills and consideration of scars could benefit your clinical practice.

The scar looks very different! It looks like it has faded already. I’ve got more movement in my ankle. The treatment felt great.” 

Comments from a volunteer who had ankle ligament reconstruction, September 2018

“All the therapists were amazing and very gentle. I feel absolutely amazing and feel completely different, much more comfortable. Thank-you so much”

Comment from a volunteer model who attended for treatment of her scars from breast cancer. November 2017

“The treatment was great, very gentle. I feel more relaxed. Everyone was very kind and I enjoyed being a volunteer. My muscles feel more aligned and softer”

Comments from a client with an abdominal hysterectomy. September 2018

Anyone who has a scar from a surgery or an accident which required stitches or involved a burn can attend. Scars must be healed and a minimum of 12 weeks old before you have treatment during a training workshop. If you have any other health concerns or allergies these must be declared on your application form to ensure we have a full picture of your health.

Your scar be very old and still respond to treatment and even a single session of scar therapy can have lasting benefits.

It should be positive experience to be a volunteer model. The students will take care of you with understanding and consideration for your modesty and comfort. You will not be surrounded by a group of students unless this is first discussed with you in advance and you are happy with the idea.

ScarWork is a manual treatment given without oils or creams by professional and qualified physical therapists who are attending the course to develop new skills for use on scars. Therapy should not be painful, and even if you have sensitivity in or around the scar we will adapt the session to meet your needs.

During the session there will be a rotation of the students so they can have the chance to work with a variety of clients. Your therapist will drape you and a new therapist will introduce themselves before the treatment continues.

At any point should you wish to stop or take a break you are welcome to do so. The course leader will be available to answer any questions and make sure your needs are met.

There is no charge for therapy at training workshops

Locations where opportunities are available for free treatment change all the time as requests from different individuals and organisations are made for training. Even if you can’t see a suitable opportunity online in the courses section, please continue to register as private training courses may not be mentioned on the website. You will be added to a mailing list and you can unsubscribe at any time.

By completing your details with the button on this page, you will be added to a mailing list and receive updates of courses around the UK. If you are available to attend any date, just reply to the email and we can start the registration process. If you know a friend who may also benefit you are welcome to share the details.

You are welcome to come to multiple sessions as a volunteer model.

You can unsubscribe at any time and your details are never shared with 3rd parties.